Rabu, 29 April 2009

A person we called 'doctor'...

A doctor is...

A curer..
Cure those with maladies

A healer..
Not only curing but also restoring

A carer..
Even to those who cannot be cured

A trainer..
Train people to gain a healthy life

A promoter..
Promoting the Primary Health Care

A motivator..
Motivate patients in their healing process

A teacher..
Educate patients how to live healthy

A father..
Just as father knows the best for his child

A chemist..
Know and understand biochemistry of metabolic system in human body

A technician..
Learn physics and how to use medical technology

A scientist..
Learn science and its development

A psychologist..
As it relates to patients' health

A communicator..
Able to build a good communication with the patients

A manager..
study management

A trustee..
Keep patients' secret

A lover..
Have empathy to patients

A friend..
Trusted by the patients

A student..
Keep study along his/her life, because medicine grows exponentially

A counselor..
Handle a counseling with the patients

A listener..
Listen to patients' needs

A good citizen..
Obey the law, respect the human rights

An artist..
Hippocratic oath : "dalam kesucian dan kemurnian akan kujaga seniku"

A nutritionist..
Know the best nutrition for the patients to consume

A believer of GOD..
Not everything can be explained by science and technology

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