Senin, 22 Juni 2009

Sunflower Field

I dream of a sunflower field
Where the sun throws his light
All is yellow bright
And they bloom with their eyes
As bright as yours
looking at me

I dream of a green-yellow field
Where the little sunflowers
singing their happy song
then showing their smile
as sincere as yours
smiling at me

I dream of the bright bright sunflowers
as wide as your eyes can see
resting on the solid ground
as if it's their peaceful home

Just like your bright bright face
whice everywhere I can see
then could I find rest
and my soul filled with peace

I dream of playing with the yellow flowers
so close are they with me
and as for me you are beside
touchable, reachable

I dream of a sunflower field
I dream of the eternity
staying there forever
may our pure hearts, too
always together.

June 4th, 2009
10.00 pm
created by
Gavrila Marta
In a remembrance of someone

2 komentar:

eLLa mengatakan...

bgs kow gav... hehe... jd pgn k padang luas n mulai berguling2... =/=' (kbnykn nonton sinchan)

Gavrila mengatakan...

gyahahhaha... adiknya sinchan yang himawari.. sama tk bunga matahari.. hahhahahaha

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