Minggu, 23 Agustus 2009

Daily Journal - Aug 23rd 09

Feel a lil guilty for not writing this blog so long..
If it has a mouth i think, it must have asked me, "where have you been?" and "how are you?"

Well, i can only answer by telling you about everything that has happened recently.
I'm just fine. I'm not going anywhere. But last days, I was busied by everything, many tasks, this and that.. even there was a task that made me spend my time in vain.. it's sooo..... SUCKS! but nothing I can do..

2 weeks ago I began to start my new block, about allergy and immunology, and found it so hard.. I realized that I had to spend more time to study, but since I got so much tasks from atoma, it4u, this and that as ive said,, and the worst was dbc concert gute nacht, which had made me spend very much time and energy to rehearse.. lemme tell you, in the day, I was dismissed. after spending very much time and energy, they told me hours before the performance that i should not and could not perform.. I think, it was a very crazy, horrible, terrible, mercyless things they did.. I knew they never expected us to perform, but at least, please, dont tell hours before lah,, they said they had thought about it for a long time, i dont care about it either. I have never wanted to perform in the concert.. If I have had wanted to, I must have attended the audition.. well, forget about it.. It's too horrible. and I know they wont care about it too.. huhuh..

however, the drama was good enough, and i didnt regret that i watched it. I had so much fun last night.. I was unlucky, but also lucky.. although disappointed, but it was a great day too..

I spent the night in Jeni's house, laughing so much for unknown reasons.. GOD had given me times to be happy, I could tell..

so, what the next?? for next two weeks,, IT4U.. Im trapped in my tasks.. sunk.. cannot even run.. only can do my best.. hope I could do everything in the proper time, hope everything would be okay..